Welcome to Go Run It Well!

Welcome to Go Run It Well Coaching Services!

I am passionate about helping runners find their personal best through training them to successfully achieve their goals while fostering their lifelong participation and love for the sport. I guide you in setting short-term and long-term goals, train you in a manner that emphasizes your strengths while improving on your weaknesses, prepare you mentally and physically for race day, and prevent injury and burnout through smart and sustainable training. I offer three tiers of training programs to meet your specific needs and budget: customized static training plans, one-on-one e-coaching with monthly check-ins, and premium one-on-one e-coaching with weekly consultations.

My name is Laura Norris and I am an Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA) Certified Running Coach who can provide you with training plans and individualized training to meet your specific running needs.  I also work as a running blogger and freelance writer. Running is my passion, and I’m here to help you pursue your passion in running and find your personal best!

My emphasis is on personalized training and athlete development. Every runner has unique physical and mental strengths and weaknesses and I strive to help each of my clients individually achieve their goals and become their personal best. I believe in sustainability of training and my methods will reflect such as I help you prevent injury, run faster, and become a healthier and happier runner.

I offer three tiers of training services, which you can find more details about in the tab labeled “Services.” In short, I offer customized training plans (priced based on duration of training period) and individualized e-coaching at two levels: one with monthly check-ins and one with weekly check-ins. Returning clients and college/graduate students receive special discounts on all training costs.

My training plans are not reserved solely for runners training for races. If you want to begin running, build your base during the off-season, use running as supplemental training for another sport, or integrate running into an overall healthy lifestyle, my plans will meet your needs as well.

Please contact me at lauranorris@thisrunnersrecipes.com or use the contact form in the “Contact” tab to inquire about any services offered. I look forward to hearing from you!