Coaching Philosophy

In short, the name of my coaching business encapsulated my coaching philosophy: go run it well. As a coach, I uphold the tenets of personalized training plans, event specific training, sustainability and durability, athlete development, and smart goal setting.

Personalized Training

What works for one runner may not work for another runner. While adhering to the fundamentals of physiology and exercises science, I seek to help you uncover what works best for you and optimize your strengths while also improving upon your weaknesses. The training plans will cater to your schedule, personal preferences, and specific needs, as well as preparing you for the specific physiological and psychological demands of your goal race. The best training plan is the one that you can and will follow!

Sustainability and Durability

Running can and should be a lifetime sport. I firmly believe that being a healthy runner is better than being an injured runner, even if it means missing your short-term goals. My training practices focus on sustainability rather than just one race. My plans will develop your durability as an athlete through building a healthy running base, strengthening your body against muscular imbalances, incorporating simple injury-prevention exercises, and guiding you in listening to the feedback which your body provides.

Athlete Development

Running and racing have a strong psychological component in addition to the physiological component. While I am not a trained psychologist, as an RRCA-certified coach I am equipped to help you in overcoming burnout, finding motivation, using mental strategies for racing, and building your confidence in the sport. Training with me will include not only running workouts but also mental training, learning to run by effort and pacing yourself well, and individual guidance how to become a more confident and happier runner.

Smart Goal Setting

One significant advantage of hiring a running coach is the coach’s ability to objectively assess your current and potential fitness and thus help you set smart goals. As your coach, I can provide you with an honest assessment of your goals, whether that’s helping your realize what you are capable of or reining you in when the risks outweigh the rewards. I will coach you towards short-term goals, such as a single race, and provide you with strategic training over time to help you achieve your long-term goals.